Tuesday, 5 February 2019

Euphrasie Barbier

(I got this information from this link-RNDM)

Who was she?
Adele Euphrasie Barbier was born on the fourth of January in france.  
Her father was a shoe maker and his name was Louis Desire Barbeir.
Once Adele was 13 years old she worked at a laundry place, Then after
when she turned 17 she did her own business in her house.  
When Adele was a few years older she saw a Bishop spreading the word
of what he did in the mission fields, Adele had got inspired by him and she
ended up being a foreign missionary. When Adele turned 20 she joined the sisters of Calvary.  
In 1851, Euphrasie was claimed and was went to london. Euphrasie Barbier then found out her
dream of being a missionary wouldn't work if she stayed a sister of calvary.
She then left the Sisters of calvary and went back to france. After at the age of 77 in
1893 she had died, in westbere in the united kingdom.

What are her qualities?
Adele Euphrasie Barbier was a kind hearted woman who helped people who were marginalised.
Euphrasie was really confident and brave woman. She helped and supported the poor and the sick.
When Euphrasie Barbier saw a letter saying that they didn’t need her she felt sad and miserable
but she never gave up. She is just indescribable in a good way because she's really nice and sweet
to others.

How can we use theses qualities in real life?

We can be just like Euphrasie Barbier? If we see someone who is poor we can give them money
and if we see someone at our school all by themselves we can go over and ask them if they want to
play with us.  We could also support others who are scared to do something or we could comfort others
when they are miserable or upset because of someone or something. We could also share our food with
others if they don't have food and are starving.

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