Friday, 22 February 2019

All about me

Talofa my name is Summer. I am a year 7 at St.Patrick's school. I am Samoan, German, Scottish and Chinese. I have 3 siblings, ones a boy and two are girls.I am good at playing outside games with my friends. I enjoy swimming at the pools with my family. I also enjoy chatting with my friends at morning tea and lunchtime. My Challenges this year is to reach up to level 8 everytime we go do the beep test outside in the top court. My goal this year is to master subtraction on Xtra maths because I can never accomplish it.Im looking forward to running and playing tug of war on Athletics day. My personal achievements this year is to be a good year 8 leader. I also want to be a better writer. The person who inspires me is my father and my mother. They both inspire me because my dad inspires me to keep on drawing so I can be better at it like him. My mom inspires me to never give up on making pancakes because she supports me and makes pancakes for us and it's really yummy.

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