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Friday, 25 October 2019

My family's Loyalty

This is my story of what it feels like to live in a strange but loving family

Even if my family is strange! However, they still show other qualities,
like kindness. For example, whenever I need something yet I'm too short,
my family will always grab it for me. Helping each other is part of what
it feels like to be in a good family.

Being in a good family is great! Actually… better than great! It's amazing!
For me, my family is silly which is wonderful! When I say silly I don’t mean
clumsy or weird, I mean that they are funny. Funny, as in they tell jokes
that may be really silly or it wont make any sense. For example. Whenever
we are all bored, sad or tired at least one or two of us go up and do silly
nonsense to make everyone laugh and it actually works!

The last thing that everyone would want in a really good family is honesty.
Honesty as in telling the truth. People might think that honesty will get you
into trouble but it wont. For example, when my sister stole something from
my mum she got really mad and upset so she told us to tell her who stole it.
My sister was brave enough to apologize and give it back to her and instead
of a slap or a growl she forgave her! The argument had finished right away.
Being honest with your family makes you a good and trustworthy family

Each family has a strong bond which makes a good family, no matter
what a family goes through at the end of the day they had made it
together because no one can replace each other in a family. 

Monday, 14 October 2019

Tuesday, 24 September 2019

Treasure Box

It was a nice, sunny day, everyone was happy and cheerful. Next moment a
bomb came out of nowhere and hit the library. The enemy came out of their
hiding spots and ordered people to leave!

Everyone had done what the soldiers ordered. They packed their things. When
my father and I were about to leave, I turned to see him holding a box. I asked,
“Is there any rubies, silver or gold in that box?” He shook his head and said
“this is a book about our people, it's rarer than rubies, more splendid than silver
and greater than gold.”  I was surprised but amazed seeing that a book is more
special than all of those. He then asked me to promise to look after the book
with all my might, I said “yes.” Leaving the village was going to be difficult, most
of us have lived our whole lives here. While we slowly walked away I thought to
myself “where is mum? Where are my other relatives? Are they alive?
” thinking about it made me want to cry.

Everyone is tired and exhausted from walking and looking for a new village to stay in.
We spotted an old rusty shed and decided to rest in it. When everyone had gone to
sleep I slowly opened my eyes to see my father peacefully sitting there. I sat up and
ask my father if he was alright but all he says is “son promise me that you will look
after our history book” I say “yes” once again, and held his hand tight through the
dark night. 

Even though my father had a really serious illness. We still had  hope that he would live.
I guess that our hope wasn't enough. My fathers friends helped me bury him and even
wrote little notes for my father.  When it was time to go, the other villagers demanded
I leave the box. I did what they said but instead of leaving the box, I left my suitcase.
Once I placed my suitcase on the ground I decided to carry on alone.

I am really cold, tired, exhausted and upset because I have no one now and I won't be
able to carry the box over the mountains.  I spotted a tall linden tree. I decided to bury
the treasure box with the book inside right next to the linden tree. It will be easy to
remember where it will be because linden trees are landmarks and if someone were to
try and burn the tree it would still be alive, because of how  it's older than anyone else.

I now have grown older and that means that I can finally visit my old village.  When I
arrived everything wasn't old, or burnt instead everything was new even the library! 
After exploring the new village I then spotted the Linden tree! I also spotted a little
house next to it and a little girl beside the tree. I decided to go and greet her myself. 
The little girl didn't seem to be scared she was just happy. I asked her if she wanted to
help me retrieve the treasure buried next to the tree, she said “yes.” After a few
minutes of digging we finally got the treasure back and the little girl asked with curiosity
“will there be any rubies, silver, gold?” I shook my head and said “ inside is a book about
our people, it's rarer than rubies, more splendid than silver and greater than gold.” 
The little girl seemed to be confused so I read the book to her. She was really interested
in all the pictures of the old village and the people. But there was one picture that caught
her eye, it was a picture of my father and my mother and me as a baby.  

It was now time for me to leave. I waved goodbye to the little girl and headed to the
library. When I walked into the library everything was even more amazing than the
outside! I walked around the library admiring all the new books that were placed
everywhere! Soon I saw an empty spot on one of the book shelves. I decided to place
the book in the empty spot and walk out of the library hoping that someone will read
the book one day.  While I walked away from the library I then remembered about
the picture with my mother in it. I now have decided to go and travel the world to
find her while always visiting my father's grave.

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