Friday, 13 March 2020

all about ta moko's

Kaanga Cooper Skippers special day of her ta moko/tattoo was on a beautiful afternoon. Her ta moko was inspired by her grandma and her tradition. A person named Inia Taylor did Kaanga Coopers ta moko, Kaanga thought that she would end up feeling pain from the chisel but she didn't. After getting her ta moko she felt blessed to be a part of what happened in the old days

"...this is for my grandchildren and for future generations I just want to encourage them not to wait as long as I did."

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Rangi Mclean had always dream't of having a ta moko. When he was 18 he knew which ta moko he wanted and he wished of having it right away. But the elders said he wasn't ready, so over the next 20 years Rangi Mclean finally was able to get his ta moko by a pakeha. Rangi Mclean went through a lot of pain to get his ta moko done but it was all worth it in the end.

"the world is changing, we have to adapt and change with it but hold on to our old ways too"

Friday, 28 February 2020

Blog Profile 2020

Talofa,Kamusta, Ni hao and greetings to all! 

My name is Summer. I am an 11 year old Year 8 student at Saint Patrick's School
Panmure. I am Samoan, Chinese, Scottish and also German. I have 3 sisters,
1 brother and a past away sibling. 

My goals for finishing primary school are to succeed in all my subjects, and to
be the best role model to the juniors. 

In my free time I love to find a secret spot and start imagining. I enjoy playing
piano tiles on my aunts phone but I wish I could play a real piano in real life.

My favourite thing I love doing at school is drama, I always love to act as
if I’m someone else for a minute. The best part I love in drama is  freeze frames. 

In the future I wish to be a photographer, writer, artist and musician. 
And lastly, the subjects that I prefer to do the most are reading, maths,
and R.E I think that they are the best subjects because they really play an
important part in most people's lives.

Drama class poem

Last Tuesday, Stacy (our drama teacher) came to Room 8 to help us improve our writing. We first read a poem called "Masks" then we had to play something called "hot seating", Hot seating is a type of game that we play whenever we read a book/poem, one of us are chosen to sit on a seat and act as a person in the book/poem for a few minutes. After hot seating we went into groups and made another version of "Masks".

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Friday, 31 January 2020

First week 2020

On the 29th of January was the first day & beginning of our first week of school! I felt so excited to see all my friends & classmates again! We all had so many interesting story's to tell each other about our experiences in the holidays. I was also thrilled to welcome new students into Room 8 & to finally be a year 8! 
(but its sad that its going to end up being my last year in Saint Patrick's School)
Besides all the excitement of being a year 8 etc, I really miss all my old class mates/friends with our silly drama's and their goofiness. But, it is nice to have a class that is more mature than last year! :) 

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