Tuesday, 1 December 2020

Marc Chagall

 Marc Chagall. Born in liozna, Belarus 7th July 1887, he died and was buried on the 28th March 1985 in Saint Paul de Vence, France. Marc Chagall's nationality is Russian & French. Marc Chagall's artistic interests were surrealism, expressionism, cubism, fauvism, modern art, modernism, symbolism. 

Marc Chagall's birth name was Moshe Shagal, but he changed his name to Marc Chagall, because he thought that it would be an easier name to remember. Marc Chagall is the oldest sibling out of 9 children. In most paintings, a woman is seen floating, this is because Marc Chagall was married to a woman he loved named Bella Rosenfield. Painting Bella flying was to show that love has no gravity. But in September (2nd) 1944 Bella died from a throat infection. 

Marc Chagall's artworks showed types of emotions. I favoured these 3 artworks the most because of all the contrast, meaning, shading, facial expressions, and all the random creativity that is seen in them. I love the fact that whenever you look at them, different thoughts run through your mind, having you wonder what they're meaning.

Wednesday, 18 November 2020

Clip Clop until you Stop

 "Clip Clop" the only sound heard as a tower of Giraffe walk their way up an endless waste of time. Seconds go by and the story continues, a sudden pause within the sound of tap dancing shoes occurs. The leader, tilts its head to the side as if it is sensing a mysterious presence approaching the atmosphere. Another giraffe is spotted falling from the sky, like an angel with no wings, or a meteor from outer space. But I'm afraid to say its existence was so more.

Tuesday, 17 November 2020

Friday, 6 November 2020

Forced into a Reality

 As she awakens from her nightmare, in desperate need for comfort, pushing from side to side repeatedly in an increasing amount of speed. After trying and trying, nothing works, she slowly starts to give into the dark side and its cruel fates. 

Days go by, as it carelessly drags Alma’s hopes and dreams along with it. Forever pleading for an escape-route that would never happen, until, “thump thump thump” the sounds of creaking floor steps approaching closer. Who could it be? Can they help me? Alma panics, what if it's a bigger toy? No! It can’t be. How can they be moving? Thoughts run through Alma’s wooden mind. She looks everywhere, left, right, up, down and even tries to look behind her, but there's nothing there. Creak…. furniture starts to go wild as the walls separate, a secret passage opens? Why in a toy shop? Some dolls have fallen on the ground, including Alma. Alma tries her best to get up but she's as heavy as a brick. All she could do is just close her eyes, and pray that she lives to see another day. 

The furniture stops, and the sound of soaking wet footsteps arrive inside the toy shop. The anonymous person steps closer and closer. She feels her body lifted as if it weren't as heavy as expected. “Welcome newcomer.” Alma slowly opens her eyes staring face to face with a man. His smirk as cold as the North Pole, his hair as black as a night sky and his eyes were hell itself. The man slowly walks over to the desktop, admiring all the imprisoned children in each-doll and places Alma right on top, “front row seat I suppose” he tries to joke around.

Silence fills the atmosphere, not even Alma’s jokes could enlighten this tedious day. “Clink clink clink” the sound she hears before snapping back into her new reality. Looking around for the noise, she notices each doll looking from side to side, as if they were directing her to notice something outside perhaps?

Alma stares into the distance, focusing on the only thing in front of her, the whiteboard, and there right in front of her was the words ‘he - p’ maybe someone was named ‘heap?’ Or ‘heop,’ or maybe “h e l p?” Of course! Alma finally understood all the warning signs that were right in front of her, if only she had known before. Her hopes grew much bigger for the next victim, but she still wondered who would’ve been able to write ‘h e l p’ but not finish the ‘L’ ?

She starts focusing more on her surroundings, but gets interrupted by the sound of odd crunching footsteps? They can't possibly be from inside. But maybe?

Machinery sounds grow louder and louder as a new doll arrives on top of the table Another child? Alma’s determination to save the child grew bigger and bigger by the second, the only problem was how was she going to intervene with the new soon-to-be trapped kid? While thinking of a plan she saw from the corner of her eye, the kid, she was as beautiful as ever, but about to be trapped forever.

The kid had already made it to the white board, with her chalk. Alma tried her best to scream out, or at least make an odd ‘clinking’ noise by looking left to right. Nothing worked, the kid was about to sign her own fate without even knowing it. But then.. a miracle happened, the girl paused and slowly lowered her arm, dropping the chalk. She turned behind, facing the shop, and smiled directly at Alma. Alma was surprised, the girl understood the warnings. The little girl gratefully skipped away from the white board, Alma sighed in relief, she forever will be known as a saviour to a child, but a prisoner to a bewitched toy maker.

Friday, 16 October 2020

Grid Map


This week, Room 8 has been learning about Grid References and Compass Directions. Ms George gave us the idea of making our own Map with our own Questions. Once we finished we shared it with our friends to see if they could answer all the questions, it was quite the challenge to some of us. 

Friday, 18 September 2020

Aroha Poem

She woke up feeling quite upset

Turning to her pillow seeing it soaking wet

In her reflection, she saw a broken soul

Even her heart was no longer a whole 

She gave a big smile, only for pretend

Watching friends laugh, knowing inside

“If only my happiness hadn't of died” 

A Few Seconds Later:

Aroha got up, she was on the run

away from happiness...including the sun

Alone in the forest, no one would understand 

Until she saw a girl, lend out her hand

The girl was just like Aroha, broken and in despair 

She advised Aroha, “In your darkest times... I’ll forever be there” 

Aroha understood that she wasn't alone

It was time to walk into the sunshine, let her true-self become shown 

Once again, Aroha was on the run 

Her new soul’s energy had only just begun 

Running with no care, away from her past 

Her spirit was revived, at last

As happy as can be, she stopped for a moment

She looked down and saw, her reflecting opponent 

But no longer was she sad nor was she depressed 

A smile came upon her face, and that smile by far would've been her best

Aroha, From despair to Relief

"Ever wonder why your parents give you such an unique name, when your such a broken human being?" no? guess it's just me.. as always

Although I was surrounded by friends & family, I still felt a gap in my dying heart. A few sad moments later I couldn't take it anymore, I got up & ran. No longer could I take the joy of others when I can't even take my own. I sat down cuddling my trembling legs. Thoughts came running round my mind "No one will ever understand my pain" 

Hours have passed as I fearfully run in an endless loop from thoughts that appear in my mind.
"You okay?" is  the word that I hear echo across the race track. I slowly look up, expecting it to be just a hallucination, but I was mistaken. I saw a complete stranger, lending her hand... to me???

After years of finding myself, I never would've thought that I'd find an actual being that's just like me. We both sat down on the sun-shining sand, sharing laughs & tears together. Having someone beside me made me realise, in dark moments you face. The only bright side you need is yourself.