Friday, 18 September 2020

Aroha Poem

She woke up feeling quite upset

Turning to her pillow seeing it soaking wet

In her reflection, she saw a broken soul

Even her heart was no longer a whole 

She gave a big smile, only for pretend

Watching friends laugh, knowing inside

“If only my happiness hadn't of died” 

A Few Seconds Later:

Aroha got up, she was on the run

away from happiness...including the sun

Alone in the forest, no one would understand 

Until she saw a girl, lend out her hand

The girl was just like Aroha, broken and in despair 

She advised Aroha, “In your darkest times... I’ll forever be there” 

Aroha understood that she wasn't alone

It was time to walk into the sunshine, let her true-self become shown 

Once again, Aroha was on the run 

Her new soul’s energy had only just begun 

Running with no care, away from her past 

Her spirit was revived, at last

As happy as can be, she stopped for a moment

She looked down and saw, her reflecting opponent 

But no longer was she sad nor was she depressed 

A smile came upon her face, and that smile by far would've been her best

Aroha, From despair to Relief

"Ever wonder why your parents give you such an unique name, when your such a broken human being?" no? guess it's just me.. as always

Although I was surrounded by friends & family, I still felt a gap in my dying heart. A few sad moments later I couldn't take it anymore, I got up & ran. No longer could I take the joy of others when I can't even take my own. I sat down cuddling my trembling legs. Thoughts came running round my mind "No one will ever understand my pain" 

Hours have passed as I fearfully run in an endless loop from thoughts that appear in my mind.
"You okay?" is  the word that I hear echo across the race track. I slowly look up, expecting it to be just a hallucination, but I was mistaken. I saw a complete stranger, lending her hand... to me???

After years of finding myself, I never would've thought that I'd find an actual being that's just like me. We both sat down on the sun-shining sand, sharing laughs & tears together. Having someone beside me made me realise, in dark moments you face. The only bright side you need is yourself. 

Wednesday, 16 September 2020

Monday, 14 September 2020

Connecting with the Brain



This is a piece of writing in a form of a diary entry, from Mop Head in Selena's perspective.


Dear Diary, something out of the ordinary happened today. Once the bell rang for home time my dad called, to tell me that I needed to stay behind because I had an "R-sto-r-tive Justice" some of his words had been cut off since the phone was old. 

Once everyone left I grabbed my diary out of my bag and started drawing. It was pretty peaceful for a few moments, but then it got boring. As I continued to draw I heard footsteps coming from the hallway. The volume of the footsteps raised higher and so did my paranoia, what if it was a serial killer? or a demon? I quickly hid under my desk and what happened next was way worse. 

The bully and her parents came in, it was Regina George. We were speechless for a few moments until the principal came in along with my parents. The principal Ms Single apologised for being late, Regina and I nodded at Ms Single in a way of accepting her apology

Regina's parents guided her to a seat that was beside me. As you could tell, we both were disgusted. "yous must be wondering why you're here" Mrs Single said in a serious manner. By the looks of Mrs single we could tell that this would be bad.

Regina and I start taking turns at exposing our sides of the story to our parents and Mrs Single. Mrs single started lecturing about forgiveness and difference. 

At last Regina confessed. She looked at me with a sorry facial expression. "I'm sorry Selina, for mocking you, insulting you and making you feel insecure about your bush-looking hair" My facial expression changed as fast as lightning bolt. From a disgusted look to a look of shock. 

Soon after I was awaken from my narrating thoughts and brought into reality. "well? what;re you going to say Selina?" Mrs Single impatiently says. "Oh, Sorry.. I forgive you Regina." I answer. "Good. you both are free to go" Mrs Single says. To be honest, she sounds as if she didn't want us to be here in the first place

We all quietly walk out of the class room. My parents treat me to dinner as an apology. I'm relieved to finally know that i'm being heard, I should do more restorative Justice meetings in the future!

That's all for today Diary, until next time.

Friday, 24 July 2020

Tuesday, 30 June 2020