Tuesday, 1 December 2020

Marc Chagall

 Marc Chagall. Born in liozna, Belarus 7th July 1887, he died and was buried on the 28th March 1985 in Saint Paul de Vence, France. Marc Chagall's nationality is Russian & French. Marc Chagall's artistic interests were surrealism, expressionism, cubism, fauvism, modern art, modernism, symbolism. 

Marc Chagall's birth name was Moshe Shagal, but he changed his name to Marc Chagall, because he thought that it would be an easier name to remember. Marc Chagall is the oldest sibling out of 9 children. In most paintings, a woman is seen floating, this is because Marc Chagall was married to a woman he loved named Bella Rosenfield. Painting Bella flying was to show that love has no gravity. But in September (2nd) 1944 Bella died from a throat infection. 

Marc Chagall's artworks showed types of emotions. I favoured these 3 artworks the most because of all the contrast, meaning, shading, facial expressions, and all the random creativity that is seen in them. I love the fact that whenever you look at them, different thoughts run through your mind, having you wonder what they're meaning.

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