Thursday, 13 December 2018

Science Experament

Last week The year 7's and 6's did a science experiment called marble milk we had to go in groups of 3 and 2's once we had our partners we got a saucer, Next one of our people in our group got some milk and poured it in the saucer,  After we had to get 3 types of food colouring and dab just a little bit only two times with our 3 food colouring's. After we got the camera's and go ready to record what happens, Once Mrs dines added dish washing liquid into the saucer with the milk and food colouring all the colours went moving everywhere and made like it just zoomed out (No words can describe it because it was beautiful)

If you want to try this yourself you will need a supervisor once you add the food colouring so it won't go on your clothes.

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  1. Hi Summer,

    It’s Leslie here, writing to you from Canada where it’s very cold and snowy. Hard for you to imagine, I’m sure! I’m a member of the Summer Learning Journey team and I notice that you've posted a really lovely picture and explanation of how you made marble milk. Well done!!

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