Friday, 13 March 2020

all about ta moko's

Kaanga Cooper Skippers special day of her ta moko/tattoo was on a beautiful afternoon. Her ta moko was inspired by her grandma and her tradition. A person named Inia Taylor did Kaanga Coopers ta moko, Kaanga thought that she would end up feeling pain from the chisel but she didn't. After getting her ta moko she felt blessed to be a part of what happened in the old days

"...this is for my grandchildren and for future generations I just want to encourage them not to wait as long as I did."

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Rangi Mclean had always dream't of having a ta moko. When he was 18 he knew which ta moko he wanted and he wished of having it right away. But the elders said he wasn't ready, so over the next 20 years Rangi Mclean finally was able to get his ta moko by a pakeha. Rangi Mclean went through a lot of pain to get his ta moko done but it was all worth it in the end.

"the world is changing, we have to adapt and change with it but hold on to our old ways too"

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  1. Summer, two very interesting accounts of how Kaanga Cooper and Rangi Mclean came to have their 'Ta Moko' tattoos. Both were inspired by their maori culture and the elders who have come before them. They must feel a lot of mana and pride in being able to showcase their beliefs and culture to the world.