Friday, 31 January 2020

First week 2020

On the 29th of January was the first day & beginning of our first week of school! I felt so excited to see all my friends & classmates again! We all had so many interesting story's to tell each other about our experiences in the holidays. I was also thrilled to welcome new students into Room 8 & to finally be a year 8! 
(but its sad that its going to end up being my last year in Saint Patrick's School)
Besides all the excitement of being a year 8 etc, I really miss all my old class mates/friends with our silly drama's and their goofiness. But, it is nice to have a class that is more mature than last year! :) 


  1. Hello Summer. Augustine here. I hope your first week at school was great. What was your favourite day during the first?
    You have a great day.

  2. Thanks Summer for sharing your writing about your first day at school it is really interesting and lovely to read all your blog.

  3. Hi Summer your friend here. I was excited to see you too! What were your experiences in this year? In my opinion I think it was the joyful laughs!

  4. Hello Summer and thanks for having me as your classmate :D

  5. Hello Summer I really like how you added some of your friends from last year in your post I think that's really sweet. Kena

  6. Hello Summer
    I really like this post and I hope this year will be the best year because this is your last year in Room 8. I really liked the big words in this writing. Keep it Up!. Paul

  7. Kia Ora Summer, It must be sad for your previous friends to go but you should be happy. Your a year 8 now! a role model for this school and your former classmates would be proud and happy for you. Anyways have a good day and learn more!
    Kind regards, Aleenah

  8. Hello summer I liked how you add some pictures of your friends from last year in your post.
    I hoped you had a great day of school this yr.
    blog you later